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Paper list of Byungjoon Lee

International Journal

  • 아직 없음 -_-;

Domestic Journal

  • 이병준, 윤승현, 이영석, "GENESIS: Internet Disk P2P 트래픽 탐지를 위한 시그너춰 자동 생성 방안", Journal of KISS, Accepted for Publication.
  • 이병준, 정형석, 최태상, 정태수, "라우터와 COPS Proxy Agent간의 일관성 유지방안의 설계 및 구현", KNOM Review 4(2), 2001.12.

International Conference

  • Byungjoon Lee, Sung moon, Youngseok Lee, "Application-specific Packet Capturing using Kernel Probes", IM 2009.
  • Byungjoon Lee, Hyeongu Son, Seunghyun Yoon, Youngseok Lee, "End-to-End Flow Monitoring with IPFIX", APNOMS 2007.
  • Byung-Joon Lee, Taesang Choi, Taesoo Jeong, "X-CLI: CLI-based Management Architecture using XML", IM2003, accepted as short paper.
  • BJ Lee, TS Choi, TS Jeong, "X-CLI: CLI-based Policy Enforcement and Monitoring Architecture using XML", APNOMS 2002.

Domestic Conference

  • Byung-Joon Lee, Seunghyun Yoon and Youngseok Lee, "Integrating Path-coupled Signaled Paths to MPLS-enabled Core Network", CEIC 2006.
  • Byung-Joon Lee and Youngseok Lee, "A Campus Network Telescope: A Case Study", CEIC 2004.
  • Byung-Joon Lee and Youngseok Lee, "IPFIX-based Campus Network Traffic Measurement and Analysis", KICS Fall Conference, 2004.
  • BJ Lee, TS Choi, TS Jeong, "X-CLI: XML을 이용한 CLI 기반 정책 관리/모니터링 아키텍처", COMSW 2002.

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